South Korea’s Leading Adult Education Company, Fast Campus, Intensifies Its Foray into the US Market with New Business Ventures

New York, NY – 03/27/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – DAY1 COMPANY, the foremost entity in South Korea’s adult education sector, led by CEO Lee Kang-min, announces its corporate independent company (CIC), Fast Campus, will officially expand its new business operations in the US this March.

Fast Campus, operating as an independent entity within DAY1 COMPANY (formerly known as Fast Campus, with Lee Kang-min as CEO), is the leading organization in South Korea. It specializes in practical and job-specific training for adults. To date, Fast Campus boasts a cumulative sale of 950,000 courses and a membership of 890,000 individuals.

Fast Campus is set to launch its online education courses aimed at the US market this March. Initially, the focus will be courses covering globally trending topics such as generative AI and deep learning. The first batch of courses includes titles like ‘Ultimate Guide to Stable Diffusion: 2D/2.5D/Photorealistic Image Generation’, ‘Ultimate Guide to Midjourney: 2D/Artwork/Photorealistic Image Generation’, ‘AI-Savvy: Creating Ads/Animations/Cinematic Videos with AI Tools,’ ‘AI-Savvy: Walkthrough OpenAI API Featuring 13 Projects’, ‘AI-Savvy: Building ChatGPT API-based Chatbot Service with LangChain & Semantic Kernel,’ and ‘Super Pack: Deep Learning & AI Signature.’ Plans are in place to expand the range of topics further, including design and creative fields, and introduce a variety of new courses.

The generative AI and deep learning courses will be available for purchase on the Fast Campus US website starting March 26, with the course videos (VOD) being made available simultaneously. Celebrating the new launch, a promotional discount of up to 78% will also be offered.

Shin Hae-dong, the CEO of Fast Campus, anticipates that the future trend in the global education market will focus on enhancing job skills, stating, “Leveraging the insights into the job training market accumulated by Fast Campus in South Korea over the past 11 years, we have developed essential job training courses for locals in the US.” He further expressed his hope, “More US professionals will take advantage of Fast Campus to receive specialized job skill training, thereby gaining opportunities for significant career growth.”

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