Custics Announces the Release of ‘Hautuki’, a Peptide Patch for Height Growth

Utilizing Patented Technology from Seoul National University’s Department of Biotechnology

Seoul, Korea – 10/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – The South Korean company Custics has launched Hautuki (Chinese name 好大技), a height growth supplement that incorporates patented peptide technology from the Department of Biotechnology at Seoul National University, and it is now available for sale on Shopee.

A representative from Custics stated, “The peptide technology promotes the delivery of nutrients into the body through the pores. The transdermal delivery method allows for the absorption of nutrients without the burdens associated with oral administration.”

The Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS) is a drug delivery method that has been receiving attention recently. It offers several advantages, including localized application, bypassing first-pass metabolism through the liver, sustained release of the drug, and patient convenience.

Although similar patented technologies have existed, none have described the transdermal delivery of drugs through pores using peptides as applied in Hautuki.

Moreover, Hautuki is enriched with nutrients essential for height growth, including highly absorbable Vitamin D3, along with Calcium, Vitamin K1 (which assists in the synthesis of Vitamin D3), and Magnesium. Vitamin K1 helps prevent the loss of Calcium, and Magnesium increases the absorption and metabolic rate of Calcium when taken together.

Hautuki is especially appreciated for its ease of use by both parents and children. It can be applied before bedtime to areas of the skin that are not thick, such as the back of the hand, knees, and top of the feet.

Furthermore, “Hautuki is registered as an OTC drug with the U.S. FDA and has completed skin irritation tests, making it a safe product that is also sold in Korean pharmacies,” added the spokesperson.

This product is designed for children and adolescents during their growth phases and is recommended to be used once a day, for more than four hours at a time.

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