CLARIOS APAC Awarded ‘2023 GM APC Supplier of the Year Award’

Plans to Continue to Strengthen Customer-Focused Collaborations

Seoul, Korea – 02/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – CLARIOS APAC announced that they won the ‘2023 GM APC Supplier of the Year Award’ at the General Motors (GM) APC (Aftermarket Product Center) Suppliers’ Business Meeting last November.

Awarded the 2023 GM APC Supplier of the Year Award (Source: CLARIOS APAC)

General Motors stated, “This award recognizes suppliers who have demonstrated resilience, strategy, and decisiveness, supporting General Motors generously throughout the challenging conditions of the past year.” The award was bestowed upon eight suppliers, including CLARIOS APAC.

SJ Won, General Manager of CLARIOS APAC said, “I am pleased and honored to receive this award for the first time recognizing outstanding quality and performance as a strong business partner of GM APC.” and he added, “Our firm determination to deliver a better experience and greater value to customers has been the driving force behind strengthening our cooperation with GM.”

The business collaboration between CLARIOS APAC and GM APC began in 2013. Over the past 10 years, CLARIOS APAC has consistently provided GM APC with high-quality products and differentiated support to become a trusted partner even in challenging times. CLARIOS APAC was founded in 1985 and supplies various high quality automobile batteries. CLARIOS APAC is based in Seoul. The global leader in automobile batteries has a head office for the Asia-Pacific region, and manufactures around 9.5 million batteries as of 2023 (fiscal year 2023) at the Gumi factory, which are supplied to Korea, Japan, Oceania, and the entire world. CLARIOS APAC is the number 1 global automobile battery company that sells 150 million batteries in over 100 countries per year. It has multiple family brands, including Delkor, which was the first to manufacture MF batteries in Korea, Varta, a German brand with a 130-year history, and the US Optima, a leader in technological innovations.


CLARIOS is a global leader of high quality low voltage battery technology for mobility. It is advancing through smarter solutions for all types of vehicles. With 16,000 employees in over 100 countries, it provides its Aftermarket and OEM partners with in-depth expertise, and everyday reliability, safety, and comfort. CLARIOS considers the earth through strict ESG management, and protects and evolves sustainability throughout the industry. CLARIOS focuses on sustainability and excellence in operations, and up to 99% of its batteries are collected and recycled or reused. CLARIOS is a Brookfield company.

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